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Purushottam Karandak Winners

Here is a list of the Purushottam Karandak winners so far. All the previous winners of Purushottam Karandak as per my knowledge are posted here.

Following are the winners for the Purushottam Karandak 2014 competition:

Purushottam Karandak 2014 Winner - ILS Law College - 'Chitthi'
Courtesy: Sakal Times
Hari Vinayak Karandak 2013 Winner - Hiyya - 'G. H. Raisoni Engineering College'
Sanjeev Karandak 2013 Winner - MITCOE - 'Malabh'

Jayram Hardikar 2013 Winner -  Sinhagad Engineering College - 'Khauff'

Following are the winners for the Purushottam Karandak 2013 competition:
Purushottam Karandak 2013 Winner - Bharti Vidyapeeth College of Fine Arts - 'Ulagaddi'
Hari Vinayak Karandak 2013 Winner - SP College - 'Bell'
Sanjeev Karandak 2013 Winner - MIT - 'K la kana Ka?'

Jayram Hardikar 2013 Winner - Bharti Vidyapeeth College of Fine Arts - 'Ulagaddi'

Following are the winners for the Purushottam Karandak 2012 competition:


Purushottam Karandak 2012 Winner - SP College - 'Pranimatra'
Hari Vinayak Karandak 2012 Winner - Cummins Engineering - 'Bagulbuva'
Sanjeev Karandak 2012 Winner - COEP - 'Rang Maza Vegla'

Jayram Hardikar 2012 Winner - Sinhagad Engineering - 'Hitaguj'

Purushottam Karandak 2011 winners

Purushottam Karandak - MITCOE - 'Serial Killers'
Hari Vinayak Karandak - BMCC - 'Patient'
Sanjeev Karandak - MMCC - 'Logging Out'

Jayram Hardikar - SAE, Kondhwa - 'Dumla'

Purushottam Karandak 2010 winners

Purushottam Karandak - MITCOE - MITCOE - http 404 : page not found
Hari Vinayak Karandak - ILS - Naav
Sanjeev Karandak - COEP - Vaat Pahatechi

Jayram Hardikar - PVG - Jag Jawal Biwal Yetay

Purushottam Karandak 2009 winners

Purushottam Karandak - COEP - Gumphan
Hari Vinayak Karandak - BMCC - Who Let the dogs out
Sanjeev Karandak - VIT - Dhuan

Jayram Hardikar - No prize

Purushottam Karandak 2008 winners

Purushottam Karandak - BMCC - Don Shoor
Hari Vinayak Karandak - MIT - Artificial Intelligence
Sanjeev Karandak - COEP - Ab To Aadat Si Hai

Jayram Hardikar - ILS - Aamhi Tuzi Lekr

Purushottam Karandak 2007 winners

Purushottam Karandak - ILS - Endril
Hari Vinayak Karandak - MMCC - Little Boy
Sanjeev Karandak - SP - Popti Chaukat

Jayram Hardikar - Mass Media - Cooking news

Purushottam Karandak 2006 winners

Purushottam Karandak - MMCC - P mhnje Pathantar
Hari Vinayak Karandak - Cummins - 10.17
Sanjeev Karandak - PICT - Asach Kadhitari

Jayram Hardikar - MIT - Sangit Nava Bakra

Purushottam Karandak 2005 winners

Purushottam Karandak - BMCC - Cycle
Hari Vinayak Karandak - PVG - Square One
Sanjeev Karandak - SP - Ek Hota Qutubuddin

Jayram Hardikar - Cummins - Khidki

Purushottam Karandak 2004 winners

Purushottam Karandak - IMCC - Deta Ka Karandak

Purushottam Karandak 2003 winners

Purushottam Karandak - PVG - Srushti

Purushottam Karandak 2002 winners

Purushottam Karandak - IMCC - Saavdhan, Ek Yogkatha

Purushottam Karandak 2001 winners

Purushottam Karandak - Cummins College of Engineering -'Guinea-Pig'
Hari Vinayak Karandak - ILS - Avagunthan

Purushottam Karandak 2000 winners

Purushottam Karandak & Jayram Hardikar - PICT - Limit
Hari Vinayak Karandak - FC - Ek zala Alladin

Purushottam Karandak 1999 winners

Purushottam Karandak - ILS 
Hari Vinayak Karandak - Symbiosis - Bolat
Sanjeev Karandak - IMCC - Char Goshti Premachya

This information is as per my knowledge. If anything is wrong, kindly, post as comment and any other information such as Purushottam Karandak winners before 2000, please let me know so that I will make the necessary additions. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Purushottam Karandak 2010 final round results

The Purushottam Karandak 2010 final winners are as follows:

Purushottam Karandak 2010 winner - MITCOE - http 404 : page not found
Hari Vinayak Karandak 2010 winner - ILS - Naav
Sanjeev Karandak 2010 winner - COEP - Vaat Pahatechi

Jayram Hardikar Karandak 2010 winner - PVG - Jag Javal Biwal Yetay

Keshavrao (Best Actor) - Aroh Velankar MITCOE - http 404 : page not found
Vachik Abhinay - Ketan Joshi VIIT - To Mazi Vaat Pahat Asel

Nirmal Paritoshak (Actor Nepunya) - Sudarshan Chavan COEP - Vaat Pahatechi
Girija Madhav (Actress Nepunya) - Swanandi Tikekar ILS - Naav

Ganpatrao (Best Direction) - Gaurav Shevalkar MITCOE - http 404 : page not found

Digdarshan (Uttejanarth) - Abhijeet Dhere ILS - Naav
Digdarshan (Uttejanarth) - Abhiram Joshi, Vishal Bhongle PVG - Jag Javal Biwal Yetay

Lekhan (Prayogic) - Varada Kulkarni - Cummins - Matichi Khelni
Lekhan - Nandan Joshi SCOE - Udyachi Sakal Mast Ahe

Sarvotkrusht Ayojit Sangh Bhalchandra - VIIT - To Mazi Vaat Pahat Asel

Individual (Vaiyatik Abhinay Nepunya Winners):

1. Chetan Patankar MMCC - Farmville
2. Disha Wadekar PVG - Jag Javal Biwal Yetay
3. Aniket Vachkaure SCOE - Udyachi Sakal Mast Ahe
4. Shweta Pethkar MITCOE - http 404 : page not found
5. Shradha Marwadi VIT - Jhapad
6. Swapnil Londhe Sinhagad Science - Sign Out
7. Tanvi Pandit Sinhagad Science - Sign Out
8. Avinash Chavan COEP - Vaat Pahatechi
9. Bhushan Patil ILS - Naav
10. Amar Gayakwad ILS - Naav

Other Awards
Girish Athle Puraskar(Direction Uttejanarth) - Shivani Kumbhejkar MMCC - Farmville
Girish Athle Puraskar(Direction Uttejanarth) - Yatin Majhire Abasaheb Garware - Sakav

Muktabai Dixit puraskar(Lekhan Uttejanarth) - Tanuja Sawant - Sumatibai Shaha Ayurvedic, Hadapsar

Thursday, September 2, 2010

करंडक कुणाचा ?

I have started an opinion poll for the Purushottam Karandak at the bottom of the blog posts.
You can cast your vote to give an opinion for who is the deserving winner for the Purushottam Karandak 2010.

To give your opinion for the following, you can give you opinions for the following winners as well
1. Purushottam Karandak
2. Hari Vinayak Karandak
3. Sanjeev Karandak

Jayram Hardikar Karandak

Give your opinion as comment to this post or mail me

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

काय कमी पडले??

As given in the reviews, I thoroughly enjoyed the colleges performances and would have loved them to be in the top 9. But still since I have seen all these performances, I would like to put forth some points which might have been the reasons why they didn't make the top 9.

I request all the participants and specially these colleges (because they must be knowing much better what mistakes they made) to tell us what went wrong and what might be the reasons for these colleges not to have made top 9. 

As I came outside the auditorium, many people said it was copied from ILS Jayram Hardikar winning performance. Personally, apart from the game (which was also different) concept, nothing looked as copied. And I had also mentioned this in the blog. But maybe the word was spread and might have reached the judges. If this is the reason for PICT not making the top 9, it is really sad.
Second reason might be the end. The part where Chintan's dad dies and people support him somehow spoiled the mood of the play. It was extremely funny and pleasing till the end.

2. Cummins
The main reason I believe for Cummins not making top 9 is PVG. Maybe the judges couldn't put two prayogic plays in top 9. Both performances were at par and personally I would have put Cummins. But unfortunately, the judges thought otherwise.
Secondly, some things were not clear as I have mentioned in the review also. For example the connection between the scenes where the caretaker of the child works at the Anath Ashram after she sells the child to prostitute and the same caretaker expresses her emotions in the room.
The third reason might be the footage given to the small girl whose age increases as the play progresses. The purpose of the girl was just passage of time. I felt that her dialogs are part of every character in the play, but couldn't identify the connection. But later I was told that her purpose was just the passage of time. 

3. DES Law
Really, apart from the theme and story, I found no reason why DES didn't make it to the top 9. One of my friends said that the same story was performed some years back by some college. Maybe the judges had seen that play and right at the beginning formed an opinion that it is a performed play.

4. Garware Commerce
Again, a flawless performance personally. But the story was known and is performed many times in theatre and television. So, the judges might have known the entire play and seen it repeatedly. It happens that when you see something you have already seen, however brilliant the performance, it doesn't leave an impact on your mind.

5. Dnyanganga
I didn't see the play. So I cannot comment. But I heard that their play was also performed previously. I am not sure how much true this is. Those who have seen Tax Free by Dnyanganga please throw some light on their performance.

Discussing our own mistakes will not only help ourselves but will be a boon to as many as 40 colleges out of 51 who do not get any help whatsoever. Je sagle colleges experienced ahet, tyana kadhich samajnar nahi ki navin colleges kiti prayatna kartat kuthun tari madat miltiye ka he bghayla. Karan tyanchya kade contacts nastat, loka nastat ani margdarshan denara kunich nasta.
Hya blogdvare apan asha sarva colleges chi sudha madat karu shku ashich apeksha.

If you want to write or give some mistakes about any other college, you can write it on my mail address
Or you can post as comment to this post. 

You can post as anonymous if you wish to hide your identity.

Author of blog : Nikhil Shelke